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Appeals Court Hears Fight Over Marconi Plaza Columbus Statue

The ongoing fight between Philadelphia city officials and community members over a controversial statue of Christopher Columbus in Marconi Plaza

Posted Press Room 4 days ago

Appeals Court Denies Former Trump Campaign Staffer’s Bid for Early Judgment on Retaliation Claim

A state appeals court has denied a former Donald Trump campaign staffer’s bid to win early judgment on her claim

Posted Press Room 3 days ago

Reed Smith Prepares to Guide Clients on Post-‘Roe’ Contingencies

What are the legal hazards of a managed care provider in one U.S. state paying for a member in another

Posted Press Room 3 days ago
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Netflix Embroiled in South Florida Defamation Suit Over ‘Wasp Network’ Movie About Cuban Political Prisoners

Netflix was hit with a defamation lawsuit Friday in Florida Southern District Court in relation to Netflix’s The Wasp Network,

Posted Press Room 2 weeks ago

Court Rejects Unemployment Comp for Nurse Who Refused Mandated Flu Vaccine

A divided Commonwealth Court panel has, on a 2-1 vote, upheld the denial of employment compensation to a nursing assistant

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

Lawyer With Large Hong Kong Law Firm Leaves to Head Up Risk Function at Blockchain NFT Business

Hong Kong law firm ONC Lawyers has lost its technology consultant, Joshua Chu, to Singapore-headquartered metaverse blockchain company Coinllectibles. Chu is

Posted Press Room 1 month ago

FTC Sues South Florida Substance Abuse Treatment Service

The Federal Trade Commission sued R360 LLC, a provider of substance abuse treatment services, and its sole officer Steven Doumar

Posted Press Room 1 month ago

Are Female Jurors Key to Plaintiff Success in Litigation? It Depends, Based on Data Including Ga. Cases

Plaintiffs fare better at trial when women jurors are in the majority, according to an ALM study on the impact

Posted Press Room 1 month ago

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