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Eaton Taps Insider to Succeed CLO Who Left for Intel

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Posted Press Room 1 day ago

Dozens of California Firms Are Defending Abortion Rights, But Not All Want to Be Named

A stream of California law firms have joined a coalition seeking to offer free legal services to those affected by

Posted Press Room 20 hours ago

All-Women Litigation Team Lands First Reproductive Rights Win After US Supreme Court Overturns ‘Roe v Wade’

Barely an hour after filing a temporary restraining order to block new abortion laws in Louisiana on Monday, Boies Schiller

Posted Press Room 22 hours ago
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Judge Retains Carnegie Mellon Professor to Redraw New York Congressional District Map

A western New York judge who previously ruled that political maps were unconstitutionally gerrymandered in favor of Democrats has retained a

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

How Do GCs Really Feel About Being Saddled with New ESG Responsibilities?

As regulators, investors, employees and consumers across the globe push for new laws and clear standards to hold corporations accountable

Posted Press Room 4 days ago

Bittrex GC to Do 2 Jobs as Company CEO Steps Down

Less than a year after joining cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Global as general counsel, Oliver Linch announced Monday he will also

Posted Press Room 23 hours ago

Are ‘Neuropsychologists’ Considered ‘Physicians’ Under Civil Procedure Rules Requiring Examination?

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held that a neuropsychologist falls within the definition of “physician” under Civil Procedure Rule 35,

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

NFTs, Crypto Mortgages Could Forever Change the Real Estate Market. Here’s What You Need to Know

Non-fungible tokens are widely used to sell digital products such as art and music, but they’re now being used to

Posted Press Room 1 month ago

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