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An Expensive Talent War Yielded Little Growth for Most Florida Law Firms in 2021

After two years of steady growth, lawyer hiring at the top 100 Florida law firms plateaued in 2021 as a

Posted Press Room 2 days ago

Law Society of England and Wales to Close Brussels Office After 30 Years

A little over three decades after the Law Society of England and Wales first planted its flag in Brussels, the

Posted Press Room 22 hours ago

Telecoms Giant Sky’s Group General Counsel Leaves

Vicky Sandry, group general counsel at media and telecoms giant Sky, has left the company after 22 years. In a

Posted Press Room 1 day ago
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Hybrid Work Models Demand an Evolution in Communication

Communication is the backbone of any business, yet most business problems break down to ineffective communication, and companies are experiencing

Posted Press Room 3 weeks ago

Coral Gables Litigator Sees SPAC Value Plunge on First Day of Trading

When the market opened on Tuesday, the second-largest special purpose acquisition company began trading on the Nasdaq, and cemented a

Posted Press Room 1 month ago

9th Circuit Ruling Encourages ‘Future Short-Circuiting of Democratic Process,’ VanDyke Says

A Trump-appointed circuit judge said a majority appeals court ruling Friday in a case challenging California’s ban on the in-state

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

All Eyes on Russia: Clients Lean on Document Analysis Tools to Spot Sanctioned Russian Connections

In spring 2020, corporate legal departments were leaning heavily on their document review software to find force majeure clauses as

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

SEC Suit Claims Block Bits Capital Defrauded $1M From Investors Through Unregistered Securities

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission sued Block Bits Capital, Block Bits Capital, GP I LLC and Japheth Dillman Wednesday

Posted Press Room 2 months ago

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